Hoyer motors.

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Medium voltage

Explosion proof




Service contracts

SPIT Prime.

24/7 Motor Delivery Solution

SPIT electrical mechanics provide you with 24/7 instant access to ABB & Hoyer Motors. You get access to a large stock of 2, 4 and 6 pole motors, foot and flange mounted up to 700kW.

  • No Order Number needed
  • 24/7 contact with our expert engineers to discuss application and motor selection
  • Order placed directly 24/7, no need to wait until our offices are open
  • Motor guaranteed to be in transit within 30 minutes of your order
  • Call us on +31 885 542 000 to request your unique log-in details.

Same day modification.

We are experts in industrial motors, regardless of whether they are direct-current or single or three-phase induction motors or slip ring motors. And there’s more: We’re experts when it comes to specific special solutions for the construction of electrical machines for industrial customers.

Are you looking for an electric motor with a special flange? Does your replacement motor need to act as a potential substitute for three different motors with different dimensions? Do you want to have the protection class or cooling method of a motor adjusted? No problem! We are specialized in tailored custom constructions of electric motors in different power and voltage ranges. Within the shortest possible time frames.

Special motors?
Of course!

One of our key strengths is the fast delivery of large electrical machines – including special designs. Not many suppliers of electric motors are able to claim that they can supply primarily brand-new electric motors from their own warehouse but also those of other brands within just a few days.

Our extensive warehousing concept and flexible machining allow us to achieve exceptional response times. If necessary, our off-the-shelf electric motors are modified in accordance with the customer’s requirements, tested at our own load test facility up to 10.000 Nm, and delivered extremely fast.